"Down with routine!... 

Last Sunday in the Saint Léon d’Anglet church, the Bayonne-Basque Coast Orchestra led an appetizing revolt against routine concert programs. After an almost doff-of-the-hat salutation to Mozart with his “Nocturne Serenade”, the orchestra took on the work of Charles Chaynes entitled oddly “Eleven Faces or Anti-fugue”. It was truly a discovery and a superb interpretation under the guest conductor Fabrice Parmentier. We were in the presence of a really creative adventure in which the accuracy and the tone of the eleven string instruments worked wonders. The effective play of tones carried distant reminiscences of famous works and, by a fine tension and a style bordering on improvisation, the finale burst forth with symphonic joy. (…) Finally Bartoks’ “Divertimento” brought the concert to a brilliant close. This great piece allows the orchestra to shine magnificently both in its angry accelerations and its dark meditations. Fabrice Parmentiers’ austere and precise conducting opened doors on an horizon to a point where the music became incandescent."

Sud Ouest - 23 November 2004.

in Allemand 

"The rendition of Michèle Reverdy’s opéra does credit to the author, served by an ensemble 2E2M remarkably directed by Fabrice Parmentier and by singers at the best of their art."

Le fusil de chasse by Michèle Reverdy

Le Parisien - 15 March 1999.

"Chorus of urchins, The bird and the child, The little drummer boy: the pupils, accompanied by the orchestra of the music school under the masterful direction of Fabrice Parmentier, interpreted a wonderful repertoire in front of a crowd of 1000 people."

L'écho - 28 may 1998.

"Magical times that those shared, last Sunday, by a full house which came to discover, in the Jean Cocteau hall, the mystery of the Sotto Voce."

La voix du Nord - 11 februar 1998.

"The Saint Aignan church was almost packed on Saturday night for the concert of the Musical Saturdays, dedicated to Bach’s religious music."

La république du Centre - 13 December 1994.

"The small Saint Thomas church was full and even had to send guests back...
The director of the Atelier lyrique can congratulate himself for having invited Fabrice Parmentier and the vocal and instrumental ensemble of which he conducts."

La voix du Samedi, Luxembourg - 13 April 1991.